Justice for Zainab

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Justice for Zainab

We heard the sad news of the rape and murder of 7 years old innocent girl Zainab in Kasur. It was very horrible incident. We all are shocked after this incident and we sorrow that we don’t do something to protect her. It is said that Zainab was kidnapped from market. Then she was found in trash heap.

Justice is right of Zainab. She needs justice and her killers must be arrested and punished. It comes to know that Zainab’s family is disappointed from police force. Her father stated that police is not cooperating with them to find the killers of Zainab.

Police force should try hard to arrest the culprits of Zainab then she will get justice. People who have any idea about criminals or who recognize the criminals should inform the police force. A little proof can also be helpful for police force. Police force should investigate strictly to arrest the killers of Zainab. They need to take help from CCTV footage to reach the killers. When her killers will be arrested and got punished then we all feel good and Zainab will also get justice.


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