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Business Communication

Business communication is great skills for all people who are working in different walk of life. Here we discuss how we add to our communication skills at any workplace. Particularly we see communication between supervisor & their subordinate. We will talk about communication not only speaking, writing etc. We will also debate a senior employee responsibilities regarding effective communication.

If we think that why communication is importance, then it come in our mind that without communication we can’t do any business with others. There are so many ways of communication like write, speak , talk, walk, physical gesture & many more. We will see how these different form of communication are work at workplace. How Employees use these different ways of communication.

A well know writer says that ineffective communication is expensive. As we see when a new employee join in any organization, he feel difficult to understand their senior communication. But good supervisor who have effective communication skill easily handle these new subordinates. These subordinate also feel easy with these supervisor, but if senior is not good in effective communication, this will expensive. Such communication create gape between them.

A good supervisor must give mandate to their subordinate to overcome their work load. It is unstated communication which give encourege to others. So he will trust & valued their supervisor. There are some other unspoken or unstated communication like body language. This kind of communication is very much use in different kinds of sports. Body language of player shows how they fit or ready for this game. Here coach of players use this kind of unspoken communicaiton.

Environment also effect on communication. It really effect in different kinds of meeting. If organization envorment is not good than it will effect all work force from top to lower level.

One of techniques for better communication is to listening power. If you have not listen well, then it will be difficult to communication well about current discussion. You must have to keep attention to speaker with eye contact & also give similar response as like trainer.

Other important techniques to improve communication for any sinior or superviser is to become a good observer. It will take to know how any employee response to their criticism. Also observe how employee work when he has been praised.

So here in this discussion we are try to understand about effective communication. How its important in different field of life specially in work place.






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