How long Kashmiries wait for Peace

How long Kashmiries wait for Peace

The US Media in Washington reminded the UNSC that it is responsibility for maintaining peach & stability in world, UNSC should take this responsibility to defuse tension between Pakistan & India.

As UN diplomatic arm that supposed to protect international peace & security, the Security Council should move quickly to get between the two nuclear armed opponents if there is a significant flare up.

But still they only agree to talk, rather than act. A Washington post editorial reminded Indian PM Modi that he was playing a dangerous game.

Amnesty International Secretary General Kumi Naido also reminded UNSC member that they needed to safeguard the human right of the people of Kashmir. UNSC consultative meeting held on Friday on Pakistan’s request, condemned human right violation in Kashmir, but failed to issue a joint statement. It is also failed to schedule an emergency meeting to review the situation in Kashmir.


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