Interview Questions in professional Interview

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Interview Questions in professional Interview

Interview is a techniques to know about others attitude, confidence, temperament, knowledge, intelligent etc. So every organization want to hire best person for their concerned job. For this purpose a HR department is doing services for appointing suitable & best candidate among others. HR department use different kinds of question in their interview for hiring best candidate.

Following are most common questions use by HR in a interview.

  1. Tell about yourself in brief? In any interview it is basic question which is asked by interviewer. So must tell him a bout yourself in briefly. Its include your name, qualification, experience etc.
  2. How you know about this job?  Regarding this question you can tell him i have know about this job from reliable source its include newspapers.
  3. Do you know about this company? Before going to interview must read about company. You can get about company from google or any other sources. So that you can tell him about company easily.
  4. What is reason behind to join this job? There is so many reason to join this company or job. It depend up to you why do want to join it. In some ways you can say it well known company.
  5. What quality you have that we hire you? Every person have different qualities. So you have to explain your qualities like hardworking, smart working, Truth, communication, etc.
  6. Explain your professional strengths? Every person have different strength in professional life. Some have IT strength, some have communication strength. So tell him about your strength.
  7. Briefly tell your weaknesses? Tell him about your weaknesses like regularity, timing, attitude, etc.
  8. Have you got any achievement in professional life? If you got any professional achievement i. then tell him about it. Some people get award like employee of month or years. So tell him about it.
  9. Have you face any difficulties or challenge  & how you solve it
  10. Your aims in next 5 years? Tell him about next 5 years aims. As some person want to become RSM in any multinational company.
  11. What is your dream to become in life? Every person have its dream in life. Tell him about their dreams .
  12. Are you interview in other companies? Every personl do different interview in different company. So tell him Yes with confident. I have given interview.
  13. Reason to leave current job? It is simple question so tell him reason for leaving job. There is so many reason like salary, organization etc.
  14. what is your hobbies?? Tell hime about their hobies like gardening, cricket etc.
  15. What you salary expect here?? Tell him about expected salary.
  16. Do you have any question from us? If you want to asked any question then asked him with confidence.




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